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Star Lit Cold Retreat

Star Lit Cold Retreat

Sweet September take away the blues of summer’s heat
And meet me with the winter bite of star lit cold retreat
Envelope me with bitter air for I may care to see
A holiday that is no more a place for us to meet
The sleet and snow I do not know but burning fire does rain
To wash us all away from here and dry up our remains
Remain no more where seasons die and nothing comes to change
How strange it is to live in bliss and never know it’s name
Where children laugh and mother’s milk is given to the kind
And father’s wrath is “Take a bath!”, no trouble you will find
For life to us it comes with ease and anger is a gentle breeze
That seizes what is in the seas of star lit cold retreat

Now new November drifts along and with it comes an aging song
That resonates within us all, before the years, before the fall
And fall we will for we are men but once when we were boys
We knew of nothing sorrow brings and only of our joys
The toys we will collect in life become a mirror of our strife
And strive I do for death to rise to clear away my tired eyes
Recall no more the empty lies of star lit cold retreat

December dawns the many yawns and longings of my soul
A goal to be a simple man and crawl out from my hole
Alone no more inside the war, I am not of the fray
I give it up and tilt my cup to toast the newborn day
When peace on earth, good will towards men is fervent in it’s might
And hope abounds inside the sounds surrounding every night
For light is come into the world and on this day we meet
To greet each other with a smile on star lit cold retreat

Though I may moan and I may ache, the pain is fleeting here
I summon up my agony but joy is in my tear
I fear no more the sinking floor that sinks throughout the year
And though my tongue is tied with glee I yell the loudest cheer
Dear God I thank you for this life and loving family
The mystery of happiness is sometimes lost to me
But though I’m blind I have a mind to conquer my defeat
And see you in that glowing sky of star lit cold retreat
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