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The Tempest and the Thorn

You brought the warmth of the sun back into my dark world....
And the chaos of an emotional hurricane.

With one hand, I reach out to offer you my heart,
And with the other hand, I cling to it desperately....
Wanting to risk everything for the chance to bask in the glow of your love...
Afraid of falling into the abyss should you reject me.

With the daisies of your friendship,
I create a bouquet of laughter.
Even as I gather tulips and daffodils from other gardens,
I prick my thumb on the rose of your love.

Time and again, I am wounded for my efforts,
As drops of frustration and depression pour from my soul....
But still, I persist...
Desiring its beauty above all of the other blooms in the field of humanity.

I cradle the daisies and cherish them,
Grateful for their beauty and calm....
But I long for the rose....
Stretching forth my hand again,
As the tempest of the storm rages within.
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